Chen Yi Agventures is the first fully integrated and sustainable rice business of this scale in the Philippines. Chen Yi Agventures came to Leyte to help rebuild the province after the onslaught of Yolanda, with the hope of uplifting its farmers from poverty and in the process, discovered a well- kept secret – that Leyte is a top rice producing region in the country. By filling a gap in the market – developing the most technologically advanced rice processing center, Chen Yi Agventures will also be the largest producer in the Visayas and Mindanao regions,integrating seed procurement, planting, farm management, harvesting and rice production.


Chen Yi Agventures is a leader in sustainable agricultural production and a major contributor to food self-sufficiency in the Philippines. Chen Yi is committed to uplifting Filipino farmers from poverty, providing Filipinos with the affordable, high quality premium rice that they deserve and protecting our environment whilst being profitable.


The Chen Yi Agventures Rice Processing Center (RPC) is the most technologically advanced in South East Asia. Fully automated, the entire production process is centralized and operated from touch screen panels in a single control room. Palay is stored in various temperature controlled wet bins before and after drying by multiple high-powered biomass dryers in order to maintain its freshness. Palay is then stored in silos with temperature held constant at 21 degrees, keeping the palay freshly harvested for more than a year. Palay is electronically weighed to avoid cheating. It is pre-cleaned before drying to guarantee clean and pest-free dried paddies, ready for state-of-the art milling. The RPC deploys Japanese technology that purifies the air emitted into its the dust room, purging dust and dirt from the drying and milling process, so that only clean air is blown out into the environment.

Leveraging technology and meticulous, technically precise sorting of seed varieties, Chen Yi delivers delicious, aromatic, clean, pest and pesticide free rice to the Filipino people. Finally, consumers know where their rice comes from. From the source. Unmixed, pure, all natural.

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