Secretary of Agriculture William Dar/Manong Willie visiting the giant Dalisay Rice processing complex in Alangalang, Leyte the other day. The husband & wife team Italian Peter Renucci and Filipina Rachel Tan are 3rd & 4th from left; 5th is Manong Willie.

Modernization Of PH Agriculture – Lessons For All From Dalisay Rice

October 27, 2018

"First of its kind in Southeast Asia," he says. In fact, I think, the whole Dalisay Rice project of the Renuccis has many firsts, and on my own I can count 5:

(1) Innovativeness. Our farmer leaders can learn from the husband & wife team of Patrick & Rachel exiling themselves from 1st-World Paris to 3rd-World Alangalang, Leyte, after the devastating super-typhoon Yolanda. They had big bucks; they also had the big idea of producing 1st-class rice from 3rd-class soils, situations and structures.

(2)Consolidation without consolidation. The Renuccis consolidated the efforts of the farmers of Alangalang in Leyte by simply managing the procurement of inputs, the production, processing, and packaging of Dalisay Rice.

(3)Complete mechanization. The operations are all mechanized from planting to packaging. Mechanical minds took over human minds where they excelled.

(4) High-quality produce. Dalisay is organic white rice. At the very beginning, the Renuccis went after a product that everyone could be proud of, that their farmer producers could be proud of anywhere in the world. That is priceless!

(5) Loving the poor farmers enough. You cannot buy such love. The Renuccis had gotten over their desire for riches for themselves and now immersed themselves in helping the poor gather their riches for themselves by themselves in honorable ways, if earthly!

"Dalisay Rice – Versatile, Top-Quality, Affordable" – Norma Chikiamco (03 October 2019,, Miss Norma writes:

After five years of struggles and sacrifices, months of negotiating with farmers, buying the best equipment and setting up a high-technology processing plant in a remote town in Leyte, the product of all these Herculean efforts finally made its debut at a gala dinner at the Grand Hyatt Manila in Bonifacio Global City.

That product is a tiny grain of rice. But not just any rice. Like the little engine in the children's story, Dalisay rice is the little grain that could.

82 sweet words, above. That is singular talent dealing with a couple with their own talents.

I myself have written about Dalisay Rice in 6 essays in my blog, Ani Kita (, from 13 to 22 September 2019:

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The Dalisay Rice Project falls within the 1st of 8 Paradigms of The New Thinking for Agriculture of Manong Willie: "Modernization of Agriculture." Look at the image again – amidst fragmented ricefields, you cannot be more modern than that!

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